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Mourning the tragedy of flight 752

This afternoon, Dougald Lamont and I joined members of the Iranian community in Winnipeg and many others in a special afternoon to remember those who were lost in the tragic end of flight 752.  My comments at the event are below: 
Together we face an enormous tragedy with the loss of 9 Manitobans, 57 Canadians and 176 global citizens.It is a tough and painful time.
It is a tragedy for us in our city because we have lost so many who were from Winnipeg or who have or have had connections to Winnipeg.Those we have lost were an important part of the Iranian community in our city, but they were also an important part of our broader community – working and helping others at St. Amant, studying or teaching at the University of Manitoba, and helping to build our province.They were people with hope and a vision for their future -hope and vision which has so suddenly been dashed.It is a tragedy which affects much more than members of the Iranian Community in Winnipeg.If affects the Ukrainian co…

Scenes from the Holiday season

Below are a number of photos from the Holiday season At the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs' Jingle Mingle event Dec 13 At the Manitoba Legislature Open House Dec 14th
Our River Heights December 15
Various photos with our children and grandchildren