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The planned closure of the Corydon Primary Care Clinic. Sadly Mr. Pallister is not concerned about elderly and vulnerable people and communities.

Brain Pallister and the Conservative government have announced their plans to close the Corydon Primary Care Clinic.    This is a community based clinic which serves many people who are elderly, or are vulnerable and have complex needs.   The clinic which looks after about 5,000 patients, has a particular focus on the prevention and treatment of diabetes.   The clinic does screening for diabetes, treatment of diabetes and offers group diabetes management classes.  These classes are open to all Winnipeg residents with type 2 diabetes and their families.  This effort is of particular importance today as there has been a dramatic increase in diabetes from about 50,000 people in Manitoba two decades ago to more than 100,000 people with diabetes in Manitoba today.

The clinic is well situated close to the many people who live in nearby high rise apartments in this densely populated area.   Its focus is on those who live in the communities of Fort Rouge, Fort Garry Riverview and River Heights, and for diabetes management classes offers these to all Winnipeg residents with type 2 diabetes.  

Though the government claims there will be substantial savings from this closure - including $498,906 this fiscal year, this claim is highly exaggerated as has been clearly demonstrated in the analysis by Alex Arenson - see

It is sad that Mr. Pallister is choosing to target those who are elderly and most vulnerable (including those with diabetes) as he makes changes to health care in Manitoba.  It is particularly sad, that at a time when efforts to prevent and treat diabetes should be a top priority, Mr. Pallister is eliminating the Corydon Primary Care clinic.   If you are concerned about the closure of the Corydon Primary Care Clinic, please email your concerns to the Minister of Health at and help our efforts to try to reverse this bad decision. 


  1. we have daily watched the reprehensible eradication of healthcare by the tory machine...a clinic was to be opened at Ferry Rd and Ellice for aboriginal clients...had excellent proximity to the air services across the mothballed,all signage stripped away...and not a word about it...the ER closures and Urgent Care at the Misericordia we believe are attacks on Manitobans whom are not the wealthy ...the next election is far away, and we contend that pallister plans to see for profit operators be awarded all healthcare facilities...need a strong voice now...thank you for all you do

  2. I agree with Molly Hamish - it is time for people to stand up to this government's folly and reject them as the government in power as they are not representing the population just the wealthy and well to do.

  3. I am not sure how as a population, we can remove this government from power in our Province however, if we do nothing, there will be nothing left of our health care. This government has a mandate and they don't care who suffers from their cut and slash approach. They will be able to raise their hands at the end of their term in office and say "Mr. Pallister" kept his word, he saved the tax payers money." Yet, we, the tax payers, will be no better off as there will no longer be a health care system we can be proud of or for that matter, can afford. You see, unless one is well to do, every day people, seniors, people who have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to survive, or those disabled or who live just at the "means" will suffer. Not all of us have private insurance or can afford it. This Government is only working for the rich and, as far as I am concerned, the average "Joe" are the population that will pay, pay, and keep paying in the end.


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