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Judy Klassen calls for an Inquiry into the treatment of Melodie Harper by Manitoba's health care system.

Judy Klassen Liberal MLA for Kewatinook raised concerns about the health care for Melodie Harper in Question Period on Wednesday June 6.   Her questions, including her call for an inquiry, are below along with the Minister's response (from Hansard). 

Health-Care Case Concern - Request for Meeting with Minister

Ms. Judy Klassen (Kewatinook): Melodie Harper is a 39-year-old mother to a beautiful 7-year-old baby girl, yet Melodie is unable to enjoy precious time with her daughter because of the appalling treatment she has received from numerous hospital visits and surgeries here in Winnipeg.
      Sadly, Melodie was again admitted to a hospital last month, where during her stay she went into cardiac arrest. It was a frightening situation for her husband, as he had to perform CPR on her three times before hospital staff came to Melodie's aid.
      Melodie has suffered enough.   Will the minister commit to meeting with me today to discuss Melodie's situation?

Hon. Heather Stefanson (Acting Minister of Health Seniors and Active Living): I thank the member for the question.  We don't typically discuss individual cases on the floor of the Chamber, but if the member opposite would like to get me the information we can certainly have the minister look into it.
Madam Speaker: The honourable member for Kewatinook, on a supplementary question.

Indigenous Health Care - Patient Advocacy Supports

Ms. Judy Klassen (Kewatinook): Melodie arrived by medevac again on Monday after two whole weeks of intolerable pain. Upon arrival, she was forced to endure a further 26 hours of excruciating pain before hospital staff would finally listen to her pleas for help.
      She was finally able to get sleep in four short hours of pain reprieve. I was with her for the past couple of days, trying to ensure that she and her husband were truly listened to by medical staff.
      Minister, of the number of admissions to hospitals, what per cent of those are indigenous patients, and what are the systems of support currently in place for those who do not know how to advocate for themselves?

Hon. Heather Stefanson  (Acting Minister of Health Seniors and Active Living): I have already undertaken to look into the specifics of the case that the member opposite is alluding to today, and so we will endeavour to do that.
Madam Speaker: The honourable member for Kewatinook, on a final supplementary.

Health-Care Case Concern - Call for Inquiry

Ms. Judy Klassen (Kewatinook): I do not want this minister to wait for another tragedy. I want an inquiry called to investigate Melodie's situation when it comes to navigating within the health‑care system. I want it called today because she is still with us. I want her pain, her frustration, her strong, determined spirit and especially her voice to be heard and recorded so that we may learn and never repeat what has happened to her.
      Will the Minister of Health call for an inquiry into Melodie Harper's situation today so that my people don't have to face another post-mortem Brian Sinclair inquiry?

Hon. Heather Stefanson (Acting Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living): We will undertake to get the answers to the member on this specific case.


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