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Brian Pallister acknowledges, in his own way, that Liberal efforts to highlight personal care homes are making a difference

Wednesday May 27, in Question Period I asked the government whether they were providing adequate oversight on personal care homes in Manitoba - an item which is of particular importance given the recent report from Ontario showing a failure of provincial government oversight of personal care homes in that province.  To illustrate that Manitoba has not been without its own problems I tabled a report from two years ago, which Manitoba Liberals helped prepare, into care at Lions Prairie Manor in Portage la Prairie.  As you will see in the Premier's response he acknowledges there were problems there and that the government has acted in response to the report when he says: "New standards have been brought into play as a consequence of the report the member cites. New training has been developed to enhance the care that's offered there."   It is important that we, as Liberals, keep the government on its toes and help to keep people in personal care homes in Manitoba safer. 

Personal-Care Home Oversight COVID-19 Rapid Response Teams

Hon. Jon Gerrard (River Heights): Madam Speaker, I table today a report on the Lions Prairie Manor personal- care home, which shows that we have in Manitoba personal-care homes which are just as bad as those described in the report released yesterday on Ontario personal-care homes.
        In Ontario, there was a lack of adequate inspections and oversight by the Ontario government of personal-care homes. The Ontario government also failed to put in place a rapid response team to go to personal-care homes where there were outbreaks. The result was Ontario had to call in the military.
        I ask the minister: Is he ensuring adequate oversight of personal-care homes in Manitoba, and when will he put in place a well-trained rapid response team to go to any home in Manitoba where there is a COVID-19 outbreak?

Hon. Brian Pallister (Premier): The member disappoints me, Madam Speaker. I have great admiration and respect for the member, but not in respect of that question. That was an insulting question to the people who have worked so hard to make changes at Lions Prairie Manor happen. That was insulting to a place that offered my mother her care in her final days and has–employs people who are totally dedicated to the care of seniors.
        New standards have been brought into play as a consequence of the report the member cites. New training has been developed to enhance the care that's offered there. The member should not try to impugn the integrity of hard-working, dedicated, front-line civil servants in this province at this time or at any other time.


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