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Improving Care and Preventing Tragedies in our Personal Care Homes - Our Forum

Saturday November 23rd, at the Corydon Community Centre Cindy Lamoureux and I shared the job of Master of Ceremonies for our Forum on Improving Care and Preventing Tragedies in our Personal Care Homes in Manitoba. 

We had four excellent panelists in Connie Newman, the Executive Director of the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres, Michelle Gawronsky the President of the MGEU and long time worker in a personal care home, Dolores Minkus-Hofley and Robert Rose Jr.  The Forum brought to light numerous and very disturbing concerns over what is happening today in personal care homes.   There were also many suggestions for improving the situation.   What is clear is the need for a review of staffing levels and training requirements for those working in personal care homes in our province.   It is to be noted that there are personal care homes which are doing a really good job, even as there are others which are falling short of what is needed.   Part of what could help is an effort to better understand what is happening in personal care homes which are doing a good job and use that information to improve the situation at personal care homes where there are shortcomings.


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