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Manitoba Liberal accomplishments

  Examples of Manitoba Liberal accomplishments in the last three years Ensured that 2,000 Manitoba fishers were able to earn a living in 2020   (To see the full story click on this link ). Introduced a bill that includes retired teachers on the Pension Investment Board which governs their pension investments. Introduced amendments to ensure school aged children are included in childcare and early childhood education plans moving forward. Called for improvements in the management of the COVID pandemic: ·          We called for attention to personal care homes even before there was a single case in a personal care home. ·            We called for a rapid response team to address outbreaks in personal care homes months before the PCs acted.  ·          We called for a science-based approach to preparing schools to   improve ventilation and humidity long before the PCs acted. Helped hundreds of individuals with issues during the pandemic including those on social assistance
Recent posts

Canadian Black Artists United Reception

 On June 26th, Naomi and I were fortunate to be able to attend the reception by the Canadian Black Artists United at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  It featured art by Yisa Akinbolaji, Zavier Mutshipayi, Bola Oriyomi and Tuluwalope Toludare. 

Pushing for safe consumption sites and safe supply to reduce overdose deaths

  On Monday June 20th, Thomas Linner of the Manitoba Health Coalition, Arlene Last-Kolb Regional Director of Moms Stop the Harm and Winnipeg City Councillor Sherri Rollins were at the Manitoba Legislature to advocate for better measures to reduce deaths from drug overdoses, most particularly for safe consumption sites and for a safe supply, measures which can reduce overdose deaths.  

The 30th Anniversary for the St Norbert Arts Centre

 On June 19th, I joined many others at the 30th anniversary celebration of the St. Norbert Arts Centre.   For the occasion, the Art gallery was named - The Women of Vision Gallery, in honour of Shirley Loewen.   The new stage was dedicated - the Jerry Atwell Theatre Centre.  The lane leading to SNAC was name - Louise Lane - after long time supporter of SNAC - Louise May.  It was an afternoon of entertainment and celebration. 

Brain Tumour Walk and the Walk for ALS

 On June 18, I joined others in Assinboine Park involved with the Brain Tumour Walk and the Walk for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  Photos are below.

The Indigenous Science Conference in Winnipeg June 14-16

  June 14 to 16, I spent three days at the Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference.  It was very worthwhile.   Speaker after speaker talked of the benefits of using both western or mainstream science and Indigenous science.  There is much we can learn from both approaches.   With me above is Myrle Ballard, one of the principal organizers of the conference.  Myrle Ballard, from Lake St. Martin in Manitoba, worked closely with Roger Dube a professor emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology, and many others to make this conference, the first of its kind, a success.  As Roger Dube, Mohawk and Abenaki, a physicist, commented "My feeling is that the fusion of traditional ecological knowledge and Western science methodology should rapidly lead the researchers to much more holistic solutions to problems."   Dr. Myrle Ballard was the first person from her community to get a PhD.  She is currently a professor at the University of Manitoba and the Director of Indigenous Science

Cruisin' down the Crescent for the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation

 On the morning of June 12, I joined many others in a walk down Wellington Crescent to raise funds for the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation.   

Recognition of Charles Huband's work with the Westminster Housing Society to help ensure low income spaces are available for people

 On June 11th in the afternoon, I joined others to honour Charles Huband on his 90th birthday for the contribution he has made to the Westminster Housing Society which provides access to low income housing for residents in the Broadway neighbourhood and nearby.   As part of the celebration a mural has been erected on Langside Ave to recognize Charles Huband's achievements. 

The Academy Road Street Festival on June 11

 During the day on Saturday June 11th, our River Heights team helped with a booth on Academy Road.  A lot of people came by.   The event was a success.  Thank you for all who helped make this a successful day. Some photos are below. 

Kelvin High School's Physical Activity Center is helping students keep fit.

 On June 11, in the morning, I attended the official launch of the new Physical Activity Centre at Kelvin High School.   Although it was completed previous to this, the official opening had been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, I am with Councillor John Orlikow at the Physical Activity Centre.  We learned that the centre is being well used and is helping students keep fit to be able to participate in sports and other activities.