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Calling for fair and equal treatment for Niki Dumas

On Wednesday, May 22, in Question Period, I asked the government to consider helping Niki Dumas get out of province coverage for a procedure which is not available in Manitoba.     Ms Dumas has a condition – intestinal malrotation – for which surgical treatment is only available in Cleveland in the United States.   Another Manitoba with intestinal rotation has already been referred there, has had the surgical treatment and is doing well. Out-of-Country Health-Care Case - Manitoba Health Coverage Request Hon. Jon Gerrard  (River Heights): Madam Speaker, in the gallery today, along with many supporters, is Niki Dumas. She has had difficulty since birth with the digestion of foods and abdominal pain. Finally, about three years ago she was diagnosed as having intestinal malrotation, a condition in which the intestine is rotated within the abdomen in the opposite direction from normal. She needs a surgical procedure to connect the malrotation, a procedure which is o

Wait times for hip and knee surgery are unacceptably long and should be no more than 6 months.

Thursday May 16th, I brought forward two examples of very long waits for hip and knee surgery in Manitoba.   As Rhonda Grist makes clear, there needs to be a maximum wait time of 6 months for hip or knee replacement surgery.   Waiting longer results in joint difficulties happening in other joints and increasing health problems over the long term.  My questions and the government's responses are below: Hip and Knee Surgery  - Wait Time Recommendations Hon. Jon Gerrard  (River Heights): Madam Speaker, I table a copy of a letter from Rhonda Grist to the Premier. She says that she agrees with the CIHI recommendations that the maximum waiting time for a hip replacement should be six months. As she says, based on her experience of waiting 11 months, more than six months causes harm to the other joints in our body. In her case, she says, after having to use a walker for 10 months before surgery and then another three to four months after surgery, her knees are no longer manageabl

The Lifeflight Air Ambulance program should be given an assurance of stability in a government announcement that they will maintain it as a publicly owned and operated service.

Earlier today, I asked in Question Period about the Lifeflight Air Ambulance.   The approach taken by the Pallister Conservatives has created a lot of uncertainty in this critical program.  This has affected the pilots, the doctors and the nurses, and most recently the aircraft maintenance engineers.  I raised my concerns today.   My questions and the government's responses are below.   Lifeflight Air Ambulance -  Public Operation of Service Hon. Jon  Gerrard  (River Heights): The government has had many, many months to make up its mind with respect to the RFP to have a non-government operator of the Lifeflight Air Ambulance service.           The result has been a lot of uncertainty and disruption. This has already caused uncertainty and problems with respect to pilots, doctors and nurses, resulting in extra costs.       When will the government restore stability to the Lifeflight Air Ambulance service by indicating that its status will remain as it has been for many ye

Helping Lake Winnipeg by reducing the amount of phosphorous going into the lake!

On Tuesday May 7, I asked in Question Period, about the government's plans with respect to reducing the amount of phosphorous going into Lake Winnipeg.   Phosphorous is the rate limiting nutrient for the formation of algae, and in order to reduce the algal blooms on Lake Winnipeg we need to reduce the phosphorous in Lake Winnipeg.  My questions and the Minister's responses are below. North End Sewage Treatment Plant  - Lake Winnipeg Phosphorus Reduction Hon. Jon Gerrard  (River Heights):   Madam Speaker, soupy-green and potentially toxic algal blooms accumulate each summer on Lake Winnipeg, one of the world's most threatened lakes. They often prevent those who live around or visit the lake from swimming and enjoying the waters.       The largest point source of phosphorus, the root cause of the algal blooms, is from Winnipeg's North End sewage treatment plant. Each day, it puts 600  kilograms of phosphorus into the Red River. The 2006 Lake Winnipeg steward

Questions about health care in Manitoba

Health-Care Reform -  Service Delivery Concerns Hon. Jon  Gerrard  (River Heights):  Madam Speaker, last week, a man with meth addiction and psychosis waited 24 hours in an emergency room before getting help.       Last week exposed a precarious situation in food services, with 20 per cent of positions for health inspectors not filled.       Last week, hundreds of nurses told us about their negative experiences with the government cuts, consolidation, chaos and crushing workload.       Today, while eight new graduate midwives are unemployed, 50 per cent of those who want a midwife can't access one, and all the minister can do is call 1-800-Mr. Peachey.       When is the Minister of Health going to actually address the serious problems his government has created? Hon. Cameron  Friesen  (Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living):  I was pleased to meet with the College of Midwives in my office less than a month ago. We had a excellent conversation about how to expa