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Members of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association and many supporters really at the Legislature

  There was a large rally at the Manitoba Legislature today - organized by the University of Manitoba Faculty Association which is on strike looking for a fair settlement with the University of Manitoba.  Salaries at the University of Manitoba have not kept pace with other Universities with Medical Faculties.  The result has been that professional staff are leaving for other provinces and it has become very difficult to recruit the teachers and researchers and librarians needed at the University in order to train the skilled people we need in Manitoba.   Today, the rally focused on the health care situation.  We need nurses and doctors, but we also need many other highly trained people including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, laboratory technicians, respiratory technicians, x-ray technicians and many more.  For the majority of these the University of Manitoba is the major training institution in Manitoba and for many of the health related occupations it is the only institut

Willard Reaves was nominated this evening as the Manitoba Liberal Party candidate for the Fort Whyte Byelection

This evening was an exciting one with Willard Reaves being nominated as the Manitoba Liberal Party candidate in Fort Whyte constituency.    Pat Cairns, Paul Bennett, Alan Castell, Terry Duguid and Dougald Lamont all spoke to support Willard Reaves nomination.   Willard himself, while gracious and humble, was firm in his commitment to work for the people of Fort Whyte and for the people of all Manitoba. 

The back log in eye surgeries needs to be addressed

In the Sou'Wester this morning is my article on the need to address the backlog in eye surgeries.  The article is below, as it appeared in the Sou'wester.   In case it is difficult to read I have shown the same article typed below it.  Addressing the need for quick access to eye surgeries Vision and ophthalmology are important.  Prompt attention to eye surgeries is essential.  I was approached to look into this by a River Heights constituent.  Retinal detachment surgery is urgent, to prevent irreversible damage to the retinal (nerve) tissue and permanent vision loss.   Cataract surgery, in contrast, is viewed as elective. But, if left too long, cataracts can be difficult to remove and the surgery can become complicated.  Delayed surgery can take longer and may require further surgery; it may cost more and have slow or poor vision recovery.  Doing cataract surgery in a timely manner can avoid these unnecessary difficulties.   Most cataract surgeries are in people over