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The Walk to raise Support for Improved Awareness, Prevention and Treatment of Brain Tumours

Saturday June 22 Naomi and I joined many others in a walk to support those with brain tumours and to raise awareness of the importance of the need for improved treatments for those with brain tumours.

Presentation of Young Liberal Scholarship to Sinead Gibbs in Gimli

Yesterday, June 20, I was in Gimli to present a Young Liberal Scholarship to Sinead Gibbs a student who has excelled academically, done well in sports and has volunteered in the community.   She has volunteered with various organizations including Evergreen Basic Needs, the Gimli Humane Society, Siloam Mission and Meals on Wheels.    She has become a certified lifeguard and has supported the teaching of swimming lessons to children with special needs.   She has developed, not only in her work locally, but also as a global citizen being concerned about issues like climate change and the need for effective action to address climate change.    She writes in her essay on what she would do if she were Premier – about increasing student engagement in learning, in addressing physician shortages in area like the Interlake and of addressing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.     Sinead is a very talented student and I was proud to present the Young Liberal Schola

Manitoba Liberals Announce Justice Policy: A Manitoba Provincial Police Service

Yesterday, June 20, Dougald Lamont and our Manitoba Liberal Team announced that if we form government we will create a Manitoba Police Service.   The Press release and backgrounder are below. Manitoba Liberals Announce Justice Policy: Manitoba Provincial Police Service   Winnipeg – Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont says that a Manitoba Liberal Government will address the gaps in police services in rural and northern Manitoba with the creation of a provincially-run police service, a Manitoba Police Service.    “For too long, Manitoba has had some of the highest crime rates in Canada. Under the PCs cuts and inaction, it is only getting worse,” said Lamont. “There are too many gaps in policing in Manitoba due to years of budget cuts and it is time to invest in a solution that will work province-wide.”    Lamont said a Manitoba Liberal Government would create the Manitoba Police Service by working in partnership with First Nations, the AMM and other stakeh