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Building on what works

For me an important principle of public policy is to build on what is good or excellent in providing services and in putting patients first.   In the see-saw world of Manitoba politics – with the last few decades of back and forth between the NDP and the Tories, too often governments, like the present Tory government, walk in like a bull in a china shop and breakup and destroy what is excellent.  Sadly, this is what is happening with the Misericordia Urgent Care Centre which is the best performing of all the Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centres in Winnipeg – with the shortest wait times and the best patient satisfaction.  Instead of destroying excellence as the Conservatives are doing, we should recognize that to achieve excellence in health care we need to support and build on what is already excellent.  Not only is Misericordia Urgent Care Centre a high performing unit, it is synergistically located beside the Buhler Eye Care Centre at Misericordia.   People come from

Our Campaign is Launched - I am running to be the Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

I announced today that I will be running for the leadership of the Manitoba Liberal Party.   The Convention to elect the new leader is October 21,    Our daughter Pauline is the MC Harmony Knott provides opening words and a prayer Bonnie Bricker speaks of my passion to address mental and brain health issues, and that she believes I should be leader because of my experience, knowledge and compassion.  I announce I will be running to be Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party.  My speech is below the photos. Shandi Strong provides concluding remarks.  My speech at the announcement is below: Welcome everyone.   Thank you for coming.   And thank you Bonnie  Bricker for your kind words. We are here to launch our campaign.  I am running to be Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party. I want to thank my family and the members of my campaign committee.  I want to recognize my wife Naomi, and to thank my daughter Pauline for MCing this event.   One of the first que