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We must improve personal care homes

 This article appeared in the Sou'Wester on Wednesday August 12:  Personal care homes have been at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.  More than 80 per cent of deaths in Canada have been residents of personal care homes.  It is expected there will be a second wave of COVID-19.  We need to be ready, as the recent rise in cases in Manitoba may be indicating the second wave has already begun.  On June 23, I hosted an online forum called How do we prepare personal care homes for a second wave of COVID-19?    Panelists included Dot Sloik, an advocate of personal care home improvements form Portage la Prairie, Beverley Dueck, a former public relations consultant and myself.  All three of us have had close family members in personal care homes and considerable experience in dealing with concerns in personal care homes.  We asked a number of important questions including: - Do we need a rapid response team to respond when there is a COVID-19 infection in a personal care home?     The