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Come and join an exciting group of panelists at a Forum on the Future of Primary and Secondary Education in Manitoba on April 29th

Panelists for Forum on the Future of Primary and Secondary Education in Manitoba

Rebecca Chartrand – a forward thinking Indigenous educator with 25 years in education and currently the Executive Director of Indigenous Strategy at Red River College. Previously while the Division Team Lead for Aboriginal Education she brought Seven Oaks School Division to the forefront of Aboriginal Education and was the driver behind the Kindergarten to Grade 3 Ojibwe Bilingual Program started in 2017 at Riverbend School. She was the founder of the Council for Aboriginal Education in Manitoba and the Aboriginal Circle of Educators Annual Aboriginal Education Awards.  She has received a number of awards for her leadership, innovation, bridge-building and results.

Wendy Bloomfield – the chair of the Seine River School Division and a leader in innovative thinking in education in Manitoba having introduced programs like the Roots of Empathy, Kids in Play; offsite specialized alternative High School programs; and a variant of the Reading Recovery Program, that produces better results that what is used elsewhere.   She is also Chair of the Board of the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba and has been a leader in advocating for improved nutrition for children.

Leah Ross – a teacher and a lawyer who has found her chosen profession in teaching, having taught in both public and private schools in Manitoba and at the University of Winnipeg and the Red River College.  She currently teaches K-5 music at Hazelridge School as well as Law, Microeconomics and Global Issues at Balmoral Hall.

Ara Dungca - the former President of the Student Council at Grant Park High School where she graduated from in 2012, and was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for her academic success, leadership and community service.   She has long had a passion for education and was recently elected to the Student Caucus at Osgoode Hall where she is studying law to advocate for the academic interests of students.

Valérie Rémillard - a Manitoba teacher since 2000, Valérie is the President of the Éducatrices et éducateurs francophones du Manitoba (ÉFM) of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS).  She started her career in a rural community teaching early years in the Division scolaire franco-manitobaine and  recently she taught at a French Immersion high school in the Louis Riel School Division. Valerie is currently working toward her Master’s Degree at l’Université de Saint-Boniface.  In addition to being highly involved in the francophone community, Valérie is honoured to be part of the group Les partenaires pour l’éducation en français, Partners for French Education on behalf of MTS.


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