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Central Corydon Community Centre Walking Group continues to be active

Mondays and Thursdays the Central Corydon Community Centre Walking Group has a walk together and then enjoys some time together afterwards.  Here is their schedule for July and early August

We walk for about an hour and then enjoy a sociable coffee or cool drink
     June 21 – Aug. 9, 2018
DAY   DATE LOCATION                           MEETING PLACE                                                                         
Mon   July 2                 South Seine River Walk       Southglen Shopping Ctr. – Southglen Blvd & St. Annes
Thur. July 5               Assiniboine Park                       Duck Pond Parking Lot
Mon. July 9               The Forks                     Skating Rink entrance   (Note: Limited Free Parking)**
Thur. Jly 12               Harte Trail   -               Varsity View CC – 4230 Ridgewood Ave (west of Haney)
Mon. July 16            Richmond West -                  Sandusky & Bairdmore Parking Lot
                          Fay & Stan Croall have invited our walking group to walk in a park area
                               close to their home, and then after the walk visit their home for coffee.
                        Suggest best route to this walk –south on Waverley past Bison Drive
                             To SANDUSKY - turn left – go one block to BAIRDMORE –
                                   PARKING LOT JUST TO LEFT ON BAIRDMORE
Thurs. July 19             Sturgeon Creek -                 Grant’s Mill (off Portage Ave. on Booth
Mon     July 23             Bunn’s Creek                       Mountain Bean Coffee Co., 5-2001 Henderson Hwy
Thur.   July 26           Fort Whyte Centre -             Fort Whyte Ctre. Parking Lot (McCreary St. entrance)
Mon   July 30             Assiniboine Forest                   Grant & Chalfont Parking lot    
Thur.   Aug 2           Little Mountain Park -                  Parking lot on Farmers Rd. – north of Inkster  
Mon.   Aug. 6               St. Vital Park                            St. Vital Duck Pond Parking Lot
Thur.   Aug. 9               Henteleff Park                         just past 1960 St. Mary’s Rd, south of Bishop Grandin   **
Additional information check out the Central Corydon Community Centre website   OR     Contact the RHCC Office at 204-488-7000.


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